JIIBAY DAN (New blog migration)

After thinking about it for months, I decided to bid farewell to my current blog site and migrated to another. From this point onward new blogs will be posted at


My reasons for migrating? The same reasons why I created a Tumblr with the same name: Consistency reasons name-wise.

With that, hope you have a good day. Until next time!


Love Wins

I never thought this day would come, but I now can finally walk down the aisle, given of SCOTUS’s recent decision to make same-sex marriage legal in the United States. While this doesn’t resolve the other issues needed to be addressed, it is for the most part the first step (of many) toward equal rights for me and the rest of the LGBTQ community.

Not a lot of people in this country realize this but we Native Americans practiced equal marriage centuries before colonization. The term “two-spirit” is what I identify by and ever since learning about it nearly two years ago, I have never been prouder of my indigenous heritage since then.

One day I’ll find the Niiji-Inineg to be part of my life (or Ojibwe meaning “my fellow man”).

Until next time!


Navigationally Awkward: WordPress Panel Theme Issues Edition *UPDATED*

UPDATE 2 (6/17/2015): I finally updated the new page! For those who want to check out the archived comics prior to the July return, you can do so by heading to the below link:


Natively Awkward also has a Twitter if you want to follow that too: @NatAwkComic

UPDATE (6/16/2015): After contacting WordPress Support on the below issues, I might have resolved it based on their suggestions. I’ll continue to upload the archived strips on the new page and see if it goes smoothly. I’ll also update the page as I continue to rebuild the webcomic from the ground up.


For the past few months I’ve been encountering troubleshooting issues with WordPress(.)com’s Panel theme, then again I’ve been having issues with WordPress(.)com in general of late. First of all, I had to deactivate ~Natively Awkward’s former page due to the mistake of “I shouldn’t have went with a domain purchase” seeing it kept the page in idle unless I paid up for the following year to keep it afloat. The alternative options I may have chosen would have exacerbated the problem instead of resolving it, therefore I made the ultimatum by pulling the plug altogether.

Despite creating a backup WP browser page, for some reason when I made various attempts to published the archived strips, the navigation buttons would be completely messed up. Or in this case, the first strip lacked any navigational options whereas the later strips would omit ‘NEXT’ altogether. (This also reflects on the arrow keyboard commands per strip.)

Then comes the browser site’s forums page which made matters worse due to the fact it seems to aim more towards the plugin than anything else which doesn’t make sense in some sense, if any. I have no idea what they’re talking about as far as permalinks and Jetpack go seeing I’m unable to find either on the Admin’s setting or whatever. And so on and so on.

At this point, I’m beginning to question whether I should continue using the WordPress browser for this and future comics projects if such frustrations persist in the future. It’s weird that it’s this particular theme I’m stressing with the most and if it continues then I may have to consider other possibilities where I’ll move the webcomic to next.

A July 2015 return may not come to be (or at least delayed for a bit) unless I find out any resolve over this. So, until next time…


Hart & Usagi Podcast #63: Game Boy Advance

UPDATE re: ~Natively Awkward 1-year post

Original blog post for those who missed it:


Apparently I’m having technical issues migrating the comics to the newer WordPress page to the point I’m giving up trying to do so. The main issue I’m having is wondering why [NEXT] is omitted in some of the strips and despite the number of deletions and attempts resolving the issue, I can’t figure out why this is the case. Until then, I’m going to see whether the domain of the former may/will affect the content already posted and if the possibility its reverting back to (dot)wordpress(dot)com doesn’t affect what I already posted, then I’ll stick with the webcomic’s original page henceforth.

You can follow me as well as the webcomic on Twitter as well for further updates on this, if you’d like. (I’ll update this post on any developments in the next few days.)

@JiibayDan @NatAwkComic

Until next time,