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Dan J Stine:

I registered earlier today, and this is the page I’ll be updating my comic (and Twitter for those following me as well). Wish me luck come October 4!

Originally posted on 24HCD 2014 (tentative):

I registered as an online participant earlier today making this the second time I took part in 24 Hour Comics Day. Also, this is where I’ll be displaying my pages on the day it starts (October 4th).

Having had some experience using Manga Studio (which I find way easier and accessible to use than Photoshop for some reason) and learning a lot from last year’s participation, I’m looking forward to the day-long event.

Until then, wish me luck!


My 24HCD 2013 comic | That Dan Stinehart Blog | @JiibayDan | 24 Hour Comics Day website

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Me and PlayStation 3: 5 Years Later


On one September, 17, 2009 afternoon and after wrapping up my campus ventures, my mother gave me a ride back home. Before we did, I planned to purchase my PS3 Slim (a few weeks after the model revision announcement) at the local Walmart. Then LittleBigPlanet at our local Kmart given the Game of the Year edition was only seen there at the time.

My experience with the PlayStation brand was a late-in-the-party sort of fashion. Starting with PSP in 2005 and then PS2 a year or two afterward, it wasn’t until late 2008 and E3 2009 that my interest in the console went up. Even though my interest in The Last Guardian has been long gone since, it didn’t affect my still-ongoing enjoyment of Sony’s 3rd console. Heck, I played some Dark Souls II last night whilst working on my Alucard build. That and the above image was done in the first LittleBigPlanet (again, first PS3 game purchase) a day prior to this post. (Weird how I’m aware LBP’s basics re: Create Mode after my last time using it via its sequel. Took me a few hours due to perfectionism but whatever.) *heh*

As far as Generation 7 goes, it’s undoubtably my favorite video game-specific hardware with Wii at second and Xbox 360 in last. Speaking of the latter, I eventually sold that console to a relative less than a year after due to my ongoing activity with PS3 and Wii software-wise.

I’ll eventually (maybe sooner than anticipated in my case) transition to the PS4, especially considering Bloodborne and such (which ironically From Software’s previous IP, Demon’s Souls, were one of the few games to convince me of my PS3 investment that year). That also means I’ll have to buy those damn PS Plus membership cards if I want to play said games online. Even though I have a PS Plus membership as of this post, lol.

Anywho, that was my retrospective on PlayStation The Third. Until next five.


Hart & Usagi Podcast #52: Castlevania

Originally posted on HartKnight's Archive:

We have a special edition of the Hart & Usagi Podcast for you this time. We’ll be focusing our discussion on the Castlevania series past, present, and possible future. What’s our favorite games of the series? Well you just have to listen to find out. JiibayDan is our guest once again and as usual he’ll give his unique insight into the topics on hand.

Enjoy the show and remember to subscribe via RSS or iTunes and follow the Hart & Usagi Podcast today!

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* Nintendo unveils ‘new’ 3DS, 3DS XL
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Wake Up And Draw 2014 + Updates 082814

Originally posted on ~Natively Awkward:

It’s been a while since I wrote any blog-related updates on the site. Anyway, I worked on the following drawing in regards to ‘Wake Up And Draw’ and Jack Kirby’s birthday today.

It’s a Native American interpretation of Captain America, and given of the ethnicity change of the Marvel superhero, I thought it would be a neat idea to see how an [Ojibwe] indigenous individual would fair in the getup. The idea came to mind when I was sketching some rough ideas whilst at the St. Ignace pow-wow earlier this month. So, what do you think of it?


Given of the comic’s FULL inclusion of color since strip #6, I decided after the most recent strip that I will do the same for the characters (why I never implied that from the start is beyond me, lol). Because of that, I tweaked the current logo (along with…

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